Success Stories

Successfully helped a BC local gold exploration & development company sells one of its gold property located in Vancouver Island for $1 million and also closed a $500,000 private placement for the company.

Totally 10 months to close the deal. Manage the investor relationships till now.

  • CABN identified and introduced the suitable potential investors with our proprietary network of contacts;
  • Provided the Company with practical expertise and consulting service during the deal negotiation phase on how to best communicate and manage the deal discussion process;
  • Organized investors visiting to the site location, coordinated meetings, and ultimately, negotiated and closed the deal;
  • Manage the investor relations and provide assistance on potential issues post-transaction.


Facilitate one Alberta-based oil & gas company successfully attracting $6 million equity investment for its producing oil well project.

Only take three months from the first meeting between investor and the company till deal closure.

  • CABN Created an Asian Investment Presentation Package, tailored to attract Chinese investors and relevant oil industry contacts, to assure this investment opportunity receives the appropriate exposure in professional and trustworthy manner;
  • Arranged several meetings and discussions in the Company’s Vancouver downtown office with our selected investors with both financial capability and interest in investing into producing oil project;
  • Accompanied the investor to site visit the project in Alberta and meet with the executives from the Company;
  • Helped the investor find the appropriate lawyer and accountant and facilitated with the closing process.  


Successfully raised $3 million equity investment for an Ontario-based Hydrovac Truck company and helped the company build the strategic partnership with the Chinese enterprise (investing party).

One year time from introduction to closing the deal, several trips between China and Canada, quite a few times of negotiations and formal discussions.

  • CABN developed an effective set of business documents/business plan for the prospective Chinese industrial players;
  • Leveraged on our established personal relationships with senior business leaders, industrial companies, and other strategic alliance, CABN arranged a number of effective tele-conferences with relevant parties, and assisted investor meetings and investors’ deal negotiation process;
  • Took several business trips to China, meeting with the investing party either on behalf of the company or along with the company;
  • Facilitated the closing process and conducted ongoing investor relationship management.


Successfully helped a BC local glacial clay company raise $1 million equity investment by connecting with a well-known Chinese cosmetics franchise enterprise.

Almost one year for initial introduction/tele-conference/convince both parties to visit each other’s facility; another one year for due diligence/product testing/market research/negotiation and closing.

  • CABN Shanghai Office identified and introduced the Chinese franchise enterprise to the Company;
  • Facilitated the Company with its Marketing promotion: Online, Offline, Newspaper and Website;
  • Facilitated the Chinese business delegation group with the Canada Visa Application and meeting arrangement;
  • Assisted investor meetings and investors’ deal negotiation process;
  • Continue helping the Company seeking development opportunities in China and explore the Chinese market.