Selling your products and services in China

Selling Canadian and American products and services in China

Many Canadians have no idea how big the Chinese market actually is and how strong the appetite for foreign goods can be. Often we are sourcing supply in Canada and the USA requested by our Chinese associates in order to meet the demand. However, our main business is finding suitable distribution partners and channels for domestic goods and services. 

 Some interesting demographic facts about China:

  • Over 140 million upper middle class
  • Over 33 million millionaires
  • 500 billion spent on retail purchases annually (non food)

Services include:

  • Consultation services to define your objectives
  • Local industry research and stats
  • Pre-screening and filtering of potential distribution partners
  • Meeting arrangements, facilitation and follow up
  • Trade show and road show arrangements in China
  • Negotiation assistance and terms of business
  • Ongoing liaison and facilitation services (optional)
  • Government and private lobbying (optional)
  • Office space and administration services in China (optional)

Service fees typically range from $2000 to $4000. A detailed estimate is prepared once we understand your exact needs. Estimated timeline: 3 to 6 months The first step in selling your products or services in China is to contact us.