CABN hosts the 12th Investment Conference in China

Canada Asia Business Network successfully hosts the 12th Investment Conference in China


     On the afternoon of June 8th 2010, Canada Asia Business Network (CABN) commenced the 12th China-Canada Investment Conference at the Zhejiang Commerce Centre in Ningbo, China. More than a dozen Canadian companies united under CABN and participated in the panel meetings, which involved cooperative investment opportunities including the following industries: Mines and quarries for diamond, marble, coal, uranium, sand gold, and molybdenum ore; Film financing; Network security technology and equipment; Land-based abalone and geoduck clam aquaculture; Eco-friendly retirement communities and drifting resorts. The negotiations conducted throughout the conference benefited many Chinese enterprises in gaining insight into these specific industries and the dynamic market of foreign investments.


     The 12th Investment Conference played an integral part in maintaining CABN’s oversea trade promotional activities, as our co-sponsorship arrangements had been settled as early as the second half of 2009 with the Department of Commerce in Zhejiang, and the Ningbo Foreign Economic Trade Bureau. In addition, Bloy James Henry, Chairman of the Provincial Finance Committee from the Government of British Columbia, further supported this investment conference by accepting the offer to act as the Canadian delegate during the cooperative forums. Henry expressed during his speech that CABN not only elevates the British Columbia commerce platform, our recommendations and referrals for projects are also fundamentally supported by the Government of Canada. As depicted by Henry, Canada's rich natural resources and excellent infrastructure promotes a suitable investment environment for Chinese investors; thus, the Canadian government actively encourages participation for both domestic and foreign capital investments. 


    Our executive director, Jay Silverberg, stated during an interview with local reporters that CABN is pleased to provide Chinese investors a better understanding of Canadian companies by helping the investors find the most suitable investment opportunity. The “match-making” procedure assures compatibility between the Canadian enterprises and Chinese investors, while maintaining a clear and formal understanding of the situation for both parties as they become “married.” In regards to the investment principles for CABN, Silverberg declared that the most important goal in all our projects is to provide services that unconditionally focus on the prospects of enterprises yielding profitable revenues for its investors. Silverberg then further clarifies that “profit” must not be mistaken as a derogatory term, but a condition that is valued and prioritized by all investors.


Silverberg suggested that the key in successful results on this trip is dependent on the engagement of win-win investment opportunities for both the CABN and the enterprises located in Zhejiang. CABN takes an important problem solving role in ensuring good relations between the “married” parties, as mentioned above. In order to prevent fall-outs and crashes after “honeymoon periods,” one of the most essential tasks is to manage this lasting symbiotic relationship between investors and enterprises. As for the Chinese investors, regardless of their activeness in participating in our current opportunities or requesting for further inquiries about future opportunities, we still aim to cooperate proficiently and meet the needs of all our clients. Our job is to serve the investors by researching the potentially profitable areas of investment opportunities they are compatible with, and scanning the market to find the most suitable pairing for all involved parties.


The Zhejiang provincial councils and city officials that participated critiqued CABN’s projects as feasible investments with profitable prospects; while as a corporation, CABN does an outstanding job of effectively buffering the cross-cultural and multilingual predicaments many foreign investment ventures face, as well as providing a full range of supportive services that aid their cooperative relationship. At present, there continues to be an abundant quantity of investors in Zhejiang and other Chinese provinces that are still looking to negotiate investment opportunities with Canadian businesses. Hopefully, our company can help both investors and enterprises take that first step forward towards healthy investment relations with our 2-step program into a rewarding venture together.


SINA-News Report on China-Canada Investment Conference:

Ningbo, China: Interview with Jay Silverberg


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