CME 20/20 Smart Session: The China Challenge

SME’s concerned about successfully expanding their businesses into China attended a 4 hour CME, 20/20 SMART Session on Thursday, March 5th in Langley.  Presented by Mr. John Lombard of the Canada Asia Business Network, the seminar addressed many of the issues that Canadians see as barriers to doing business in China.  Attendees had the opportunity to network with other Canadian companies that share their interest in China and went away with an increased understanding and confidence to deal with China.

After the seminar, more than half of the attendees proceeded to the optional Chinese lunch, where they continued to network with other attendees and Mr. Lombard gave a detailed and entertaining explanation of the many traditions and procedures involved in participating in a Chinese banquet.

Lombard’s extensive background in fostering solid business relationships, and improving cross-cultural communication was very evident during his high powered presentation; and his real life examples gave attendees a deeper understand about how to work in China, and build partnerships with Chinese people and companies.

Vancouver Economic Development Commission meeting with Shanghai Shengqin (Group) Co., Ltd

Shanghai Shengqing (Group) Co., Ltd visited the Vancouver Economic Development Commission on Feb 19 morning. John McPherson, Business Development Officer hosted the meeting for the delegation with a general review of what the organization does in coordinating with the provincial government and promoting the city alliance as a brand of metro Vancouver Commerce, in terms of investment opportunities, resource allocation, and business matchmaking services.


Corix Water Systems hosted a meeting with delegation from Shanghai Central Municipal Sewerage Compan

Corix Water Systems hosted a meeting with delegation from Shanghai Central Municipal Sewerage Company at their Downtown Vancouver Office, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Jack Touhey, Vice President of Customer Solutions, Regulation & Management Hamish Cumming, Director of Sales & Marketing David Speed, as well as the representative from CABN attended the meeting.